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A Desk-Book of

bear. See bare.

beastly: A British colloquialism expressive of disgust or contempt; as, "This is beastly weather"; sometimes even used adverbially; as, "I was beastly tired." This locution, essentially in bad taste, though often affected by college students and others who should know better, seems never to be defensible except in the phrase "beastly drunk," and even this is objectionable as being a libel on the beast. Compare nasty.

beat should not be used for "defeat."

beat it should not be used for "go away" or "clear out."

beat the band: A vulgarism for "to surpass or be immeasurably superior to."

because: Although this word means "for the reason" it is often used in the same sentence with this expression—"The reason why I do this is because (=for the reason that) I please myself by doing it." Substitute that for because.

because why: A term common among the illiterate. Because is used correctly when it precedes the explanation of an act; why, when used interrogatively. Do not say "I did it, because why"; here omit "why" and continue with the reason for the act. Instead of "I did not come sooner; because why?" "I was delayed." Say "I did not come sooner; why? I was delayed."