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-pm terebinth' (id. D^S for D^X ; v. Dbs supr. p. 48, and Bae **•"•""). — On sanctity of dove among Shemites.v. RS 8 ""-'-*** 5 . j-n. rUV prophet, ace. to 2 K 14 25 he was N^n, S on of $0^, fr. l?nn 113, and predicted the recovery of Isr.'s territory which Jerob. II effected; he is also the principal figure of the Book of Jonah : 1 ' ('HOST [2), y"- 715 , ,1.3.4 . 2 3 4 m. TOT v. ny Pt. T TT TIT Ionia(ns), Greece (Gk. 'Idovfs (i.e. orig. 'laf o«s), v. also © infr.; OPers. Yauna Spieg APK237 ; As. lamanu (lavanu) Dl p.s48«. C0T Gl0M ; Egypt. Y'-v"n-(n)a, v. WMM SWlct^MlT.. v _ egp on tllig wor a S ta D.PopuloJ.T.n

°) — Ionians, as traders EZ27 13 , © 'EXXa»- 

(named with bw, 1$Q; in v 12 WW*, in v 14 nrnjin); cf. *)}J (adj. gent.) infr.; as distant, Is 66 19 , © 'EXXdt (with t^triPl, ^», "B^i fe<*, and Tprnn D«Nn ; list to he emended fr. © Sta n> - 5ft ); called 'son' of Japhet Gn io 2 (P) = 1 Ch i 5 , and 'father' of *$%, &vy*, B^BP and 0^-p (so rd. for OTh) On io 4 (P) = 1 Ch 1 7 (in these © loivrav, v. Lag BN84A,,m "); addressed (personif.) |£ T.?? Zc 9 13 (opp. ?i'? T«) © "EX- X,« c ,andsoinfoll.; J^O Dn 8 21 (v.'l? *3J»© DIM y™)=king of Greece i.e. kingdom over which Alexander ruled, whose dominion was afterward divided (see v 22 *); fJTl? i° 2 ° of the guardian-angel of Greece (v. DnB -fc> v a ); majjo 'X n 2 (v b DiB).— EZ27 19 RJ1 is text, err., v. JT supr. p. 255a. t ["'IV] adj. gent, only c. art. as DWn V.?^ D n "! 3 >? D^T 'P. 311 Jo 4 6 (® "EXXijwr) and «Ae sons of Jerusalem ye have sold to the sons of the Ionians (cf. RJ EZ27 13 ).— Vid. Sta ,b - flDV, n^DDi" 1 v. sub sp n J ?wi 1 ' v. sub b*. T *• ttv v. sub m T ion najv v. sub aw». rwi mur v. sub w t t s — : HP (■/ whence first element of foil.; perh. cf. Ar. (jijj congregatus, conglomerate fait, Frey). t^MT* 1 '^^] n -P r -»- one of Da vid's heroes ^PTI ' Ch 1 2 3 . HM 1 v. sub TO. [?P] vb. only Fu. P<. pi. TWO Je 5 s Qr ( < Kt DWD v. pt) ; mng. dub. (comp. by Schu al. with Ar. J,'J weigh, whence furnished vrith weights, i.e. testicles, but sense remote and very uncertain). Vf* v. sub I. tiT p. 265 b supr. Ht^P v. sub vbl p. 2 72 b supr. VYW!T3r v. sub I. JtX p. 24b supr. }JV* (-/of foil.; cf. Ar. '^ fluxit aqua (Frey) ; NH and Aram, in deriv., v. infr.) t [yr] n.[m.] sweat (v. HfJ infr.)— riair t6 Vr?Ez44 18 del. Cc. q.v. t [iiyfl n.f. sweat (NH Hf| (Levy), better nSH(Jastr); Aram. Wiy*3, IfckOj)— Tf* "8| nnb 5>?tfn Gn3 18 (J). mr, rrrw v. sub mt p. 280^ supr. W"ir v. sub jnt p. 283" supr. rorP v. nan S ub nan. t [*7rP] vb. be united (Ar. jLLj be alone, 11. ma£« one; NH Pi. TV wi«&e or declare one; Aram. 10! wnite, *^oJL set alone) — Qal Impf. 3 fs. Gn 49 6 TtJf "inrri>K D^npa in their as- sembly let my glory not be united (|| "7U D "] Da »etoj Kan); 2 fs. IS14 20 Tjiapa nns inn &6'. Pi. /wy. ^ 86" ipE> nNTb UaJ) in^ MWt -<e my heart (i.e. concentrate its affections, cf. Je 32 s9 ) to fear thyname(but © ® 33 Gr Bi Ch'niT (from niri) let my heart rejoice, etc.) "TTP adj. and subst. only, only one, solitary "(NH id.; Aram. TIT, HW, ]UJ, lu^H id.; Arab, .L^ solitary)—!, only one, esp. of an only son, Gn 22 21216 1T n ! n « 1" m thy son, thine only one, TIT ^a« Am8 10 JC6 26 mourning for are onfy son, Tn'n 7JI nSDt23 Zc 12 10 , Pr4 3 •OH »»i> Tffl rp_; so fem. ITTTIJ Ju ii 34 . 2. fem. ITIW as subst. + 22 21 35 17 '0TIT my only one, poet, for my life, as the one unique and priceless possession which can never be replaced (in each || V?2). 3. solitary,

  • 2 5 16 m <w tt ^a; 68 7 nn;a D>Tn! y«o

causing solitary, isolated ones (i.e. friendless wanderers or exiles; ||TTDS)to dwell at home (Lag Ch al. y&Q bringing back home).