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Syn. E. piperita, White's Voy. p. 226, figure of the leaves only.

A fine essential oil, much like that of Peppermint, is obtained from this species, and every part of the dried plant exhales the same odour when rubbed.—We are now convinced this is distinct from the following, having compared the flowers of both. At the same time we have observed the minute white spots on the leaves (White's Voy. 228) in E. piperita, as well as in the other.

5. E. obliqua, opercula hemisphærico mucronulato, umbellis lateralibus solitariis; pedunculis ramulisque teretibus.
Lid hemispherical, with a little point. Umbels lateral, solitary; flower-stalks and young branches round.

Syn. E. obliqua, Ait. Hort. Kew. v. 2. 157. L'Herit. Sert. Angl. t. 20.

From the only specimen we have seen of this, which is in Sir Joseph Banks's herbarium, it appears the branches are all round to the very top. General flower-stalks round, the partial ones only slightly angular, not compressed. Bark rough from the sealing off of the cuticle, but this may be an unnatural appearance. Leaves ovato-lanceolate, aromatic, but without the flavour of peppermint.

6. E. corymbosa, operculo hemisphærico mucronulato, umbellis corymboso-paniculatis terminalibus.