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pounded, and grease in bladders : the skins of wolves, a few beaver and buffaloe robes.

Mahtopanato band, or Gens de Grand Diable, rove on the Missouri, about the mouth of the White Earth river, and on the head of Assinniboin, at the mouth of Capelle river. Their number of warriors is about four hundred and fifty, and sixteen hundred people. Their traffic is nearly the same with the other bands.

The Chippeways, or Ojibaway are divided into three principal bands, which are distinguished by Chippeways of Leach lake, who reside on an island in a small lake, called Leach lake, formed by the Mississippi river. They claim the country on both sides the Mississippi, from the mouth of the Crow-wing river to its source, and extending west of the Mississippi, to the land claimed by the Sioux, with whom they still contend for dominion ; and the country east of the Mississippi, as far as Lake Superior, including the waters of the River Saint Louis. They consist of four hundred warriors, and sixteen hundred souls. They do not cultivate the land, but live principally on the wild rice, which they procure in great abundance on the borders of Leach lake, and the banks of the Mississippi. They trade with beaver, otter, black bear, rackoon, marten, mink, fisher and deer skins. Their numbers have been reduced by wars and the small pox.