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1816. 56 Geo. III., cap. 27.

Continues Transportation Acts until 1821.

1817. 57 Geo. III., cap. 53.

For more effectual Punishments of Murders and Manslaughter committed in Places not within His Majesty's Dominions.

1819. 59 Geo. III., cap. 101.

Amends some minor points in 56 Geo. III., cap. 27.

1819. 59 Geo. III., cap. 114.

Stays proceedings for one year against any Governor or other persons concerned in imposing and levying duties in New South Wales; continues for one year certain duties; empowers Governor to lay duty on spirits made in New South Wales.

1819. 59 Geo. III., cap. 122.

Permits vessels under 350 tons to trade with New South Wales.

1820. 1 Geo. IV., cap. 62.

Continues 59 Geo. III., cap. 114 until 1822.

1821. 1 and 2 Geo. IV., cap. 6.

Continues for two years the Transportation Acts.

1822. 1 and 2 Geo. IV., cap. 8.

Continues 59 Geo. III., cap. 114 until 1823.

1822. 3 Geo. IV., cap. 96.

"An Act to continue until the First Day of January, 1824. An Act passed in 59 Geo. III. … to authorise the imposing and levying other duties on goods imported into the said Colony; and to suspend, for ten years, the payment of duty on the importation of certain goods, the produce of New South Wales."

By this Act, Governor may impose by Proclamation or Orders rates and duties on importation of rum or spirits from United Kingdom or British West Indies not exceeding 10s., and on others not exceeding 15s. per gallon on tobacco 4s. a lb.; on all other goods not the produce or manufacture of United Kingdom, imported direct from United Kingdom—duty not exceeding 15 per cent. ad valorem.

He may also reduce and revive such duties.

He may make regulations for levying the duties.

He may impose fines and penalties for breach of the regulations, provided true copies of such regulations be transmitted to Secretary of State by Governor for His Majesty's Approbation.

The account of application of duties so collected to be transmitted to Treasury.

1823. 4 Geo. IV., cap. 47.

Continues Transportation Acts.

1823. 4 Geo. IV., cap. 96.

"An Act to provide until the First Day of July, 1827 … for better administration of justice in New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land, and for more effectual Government thereof and for other purposes relating thereto."

The important sections of this Act provide as follows:—

1. Supreme Court for New South Wales, and one for Van Diemen's Land. Each to have one Judge called a Chief Justice paid by salary and not fees.