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ting pain along the urethra and in the glans. The urine, then, and so long as he lived, averaged about two quarts daily, was often bloody, and sometimes offensive. The blood was often in clots, and during the last few months he lost a great deal, with much straining and distress ; a pound or more being sometimes passed daily and for several days. The urine always contained blood, albumen, pus, large quantities of mucus and of epithelial scales, casts of tubes, and sometimes oxalate of lime. The pas- sage of a sound caused very acute pain along the urethra, and especially at the prostate. When first seen there was some constitutional affection j and for about a year before his death there was a decided failure of his health, though he worked at his trade until the last seven months. (Med. Jour. Vol. LX. p. 203.) 1859.

Dr. Benj. Cox, Jr., Salem. 2490. Cancer of the bladder.

In the recent state the organ was contracted, and a well- marked encephaloid growth arose from its inner surface, posteriorly, in the form of soft, luxuriant, polypiform vegetations ; the disease was between 2 and 3 in. in extent, pretty well defined, and rose above the surround- ing surface about one-half or two-thirds of an inch. Other- wise the bladder was healthy, excepting a discoloration of the inner surface, and a slight deposit, apparently from the urine. The ureters and pelves were dilated, and there was some acute inflammation of one of the kidneys ; but there was no cancer in any other part of the body. In the head nothing was found but a little serous effusion.

From a woman, set. sixty-two years, who entered the hospital, Dec. 23d, 1856 (210, 32), and reported, as fol- lows : Two and a half years previously she had ridden two hundred miles in the cars, in the course of nine hours, and within a few hours, if not immediate!} 7 on her arrival, had hsernaturia ; this symptom continued for three weeks. Ardor urinae was quite severe at first, but had not been present for the last three months. There had been also soreness, and a sense of weakness of late about the hypo- gastrium ; but very little if any marked pain ever in the bladder. There had been slight pain in the region of the

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