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Gěrimis, drizzle as rain, slight rain. (Jav. and Batav. idem.)

Gěring, ill, sick, out of health. (Balin. idem. In Javanese it means the pest.)

Gěrrah, be quick, look sharp; to proceed to do any act. Gerrah di taburken, now proceed to pour it out. (Probably Skr. Çighra(m), quickly swiftly; the çî, si, having been misunderstood, and considered as the Sundanese word si. Fr.)

Gěrrahěun, as if its likely. Most assuredly not. Gerraheun di béré, most assuredly he will not give it.

Gěrro, to scream, to roar. (Jav. The roar, for instance of a tiger.)

Gěrtak, to make afraid, to threaten. (Jav. To show oneself angry.)

Gěrus, to collander cloth, to rub cloth with anything smooth so as to give it also a smooth polished appearance; for this purpose the Cyprea sea shell is used. (Jav. id.)

Géséh, moved, altered, displaced. Geseh poi na, the day is changed. (Jav. id.)

Gěsěng, black with burning, grimed. (Jav. Gosong and Gěsěng, id.)

Gěsěr, to file the teeth, as is done with those of all Javanese, by taking the enamel off, and rubbing in some preparation to make them black.

Gětah, gum, sap, the milky or gummy exudation from trees when the bark is cut.

Gětah Pěrcha, known only as a foreign product on Java. It is the gum of the Isonandra Gutta. Getah Percha is found on Sumatra, Borneo and Adjacent isles. It is found, apparently as the gum of various trees, of which the Balam or Isonandra is the most prominent.

Gětapan, frightened, shy, skittish as a horse. (Jav. Gětappan, id.)

Gětas, fragile, brittle. (Jav. id.)

Gětěk, notch, mark to come up to. Said also figuratively, Liwat getek, he has gone further than he ought.

Géték, a raft of wood, of bambu, or other light materials, either kept for crossing water, or a river, or for easily transporting the materials by water, lashed together. (Jav. id. (Symbol missingJavanese characters))

Géték, to tickle, a sensation of tickling.

Gětih, blood- gore. (Jav. blood.)

Gětol, active and persevering at any work; hardworking, energetic.

Gěugěuh, as di gěugěuh, to protect, to render assistance. Often applied to supernatural protection, or the favour of some genius.

Gěugěus, a bundle of paddy.

Gěuingkěn, to shake or rouse up.

Gěulang, rings of gold, silver, brass, ivory or other material worn about the wrists. (g'lang.)

Gěulěuh, bearing malice to any one, vexed at, provoked against, said of a person in whom ill will is festering.

Gěulis, pretty as a woman, handsome. Not said of a man who is Kasep which see. This seems to be the root of the Malay word Majellis, beatiful. Elegant. Marsden Page 320.

Gěuněuk, swollen as from a contusion; said of any part of the body which has been hurt.