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Jilid, arabic, to tan, to make leather; a skin, a roll, a volume. The covering or binding of a book. (Arabic, جِلْدٌ, Jild, the hide; leather, مُجَلِّدٌ, mujallad, covered with leather, a book, a tome.)

Jimat, an amulet, a talisman; spell, written charm, an incantation. It is the Arabic word Azimat of same import (عَزِيْمَةٌ).

Jin, arabic, evil spirit, demon; the race of genii. (جِنٌّ, Jinn, demons, genii.)

Jingjing, to lift up with the hand, to carry away in the hand without tying to a carrying stick. To carry off as a tiger carries its prey. This appears to be a sort of diminutive of Jungjung, to lift up.

Jingjingan, the stick in the native weaving loom, used to raise the alternate threads, by means of pieces of string tied to the same and the woof.

Jinis, the original true article; the Simon pure; that from which others are derived. (Seems to be the Arabic جِنْسٌ, Jins, which is taken from the Greek γένοζ. Latin genus. Fr.)

Jintěn, cummin seed.

Jintěn, name of a plant with thick hairy crenulated leaf, often kept growing in a basket on the roof of houses and used in cookery. It is called in Malay Daun Kuching.

Jirak, name of a tree Dicalyt tinctorius, the bark is used in native dying processes.

Jirat, a noose with a limber stick bent down to it. A springe, a gin, a sliding knot. (Jav. (Symbol missingJavanese characters) Jirět idem.)

Jitun, olive. This word is Arabic- Zeitun. A variety of Jarak is called Jarak jitun, the olive atropha. Europeans call it vulgarly Palma Christi. (Arabic, زَيْتُوْنٌ‎.)

Jiwa, the soul, life. Jiwa, C. 212, life, existence; the sentient soul.

Jochong, sticking out stiff, rigid.

Jodo, a term applied to marriages where the parents on both sides give their consent, but the young people cannot made up their minds or agree. Jodo, Crawford- a pair, a brace, a couple, mate, match. (Jav. (Symbol missingJavanese characters) Jódó, with the meaning given by Crawfurd.)

Jodog, the open landing place at the entrance of a native house, which is ascended by steps. The open balcony at a native's door.

Jogéd, a variety of fish trap for catching lélé fish. It opens downwards and the lélé has to make its way up.

Jogjěrog, to trot; to jolt and shake on horse back. In contradistinction to the native pas. A derivation of the following word.