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Jogjog, uneasy in motion, jolting; to keep moving. Jogjog di na kuda, jolting on horse back.

Joglo, a temporary accommodation shed: a canvass tent.

Jogo, to squat down on the hams, but not with the bottom touching the ground.

Jogor, stiff, unbending.

Johar, the planet Saturn. Béntang Johar, the star Saturn. (Cf. Jahal. Arab. زُحَلُ Zuhal)

Johor, name of a Malay state at the Southern extremity of the Malay Peninsula. Supposed to be so called from an Arabic word of the same sound meaning- Precious stone, or Pearl. It was founded by the Malay chiefs who were driven out of Malacca by the Portuguese. (Arabic, جَوْهَرٌ, Jauhar, from the Persian ݣَوْهَر, Gauhar, precious stones, pearls. Freytag.)

Jojong, keeping at one's work, or on our course, irrespective of what others are doing.

Jokjok, the place for putting rice in a native's house. The store place for rice. (Cf. Gericke s. v. (Symbol missingJavanese characters) meaning, to pour out, to fill.)

Jol, the idiomatic expression of coming. Jol bai datang, and pop he came; to pop suddenly upon any one; making appearance. Ti mana jol na, where did he pop from (come from). Chai na jol tijěro, the water oozes out.

Jolang, a wooden trough, a trough hollowed out from the stem of a tree. (Jav. (Symbol missingJavanese characters) Jolang, a chair for carrying people, hung round with clothes. Sund. Dulang, the same as our Jolang.)

Joli, a sedan chair, or any contrivance for carrying a person. (Jav. Balin. idem.)

Jolok, to probe at with a skewer; to poke at in a hole with any long thin implement,

Jombang, name of a violent current of wind passing through the country in one determined straight line and uprooting all before it. A sort of hurricane.

Jompo, disabled for work; not fit for work, from age or infirmity. (Jav. idem.)

Jompong, servants of nobles.

Jong, a Chinese junk; a ship. (Jav. (Symbol missingJavanese characters) Jong, idem.)

Jongjongan; a short period of time, a short interval, say of about half an hour, particularly as applied to work going on. A jongjongan is also a designation of distance, as much as a man can walk in about half an hoar and will be thus about two or three miles. Might be translated — „a joggle on." —

Jongko, to sit on the rump on the ground, with the knees bent up under the chin. (Batav. Jongkok.)

Jong'or, a bit of forest projecting beyond the general line; a bit of land projecting or jutting out.

Jonot, a name for a wild pig.