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Jontor, a projecting point, any large rough thing which sticks out. A headland, a promontory.

Jotang, name of a plant, Spilanthes acinella.

Jotang, name of a plant, Eclipta erecta.

Jual or Juwal, to sell. Daik di juwal, will you sell it? Hanto di juwal, it is not for sale. (Mai. Jav. idem.)

Jubag, crippled, laid up with desease in any part of the body.

Jubung, a circle of platted bambu set in a pan wherein sugar is boiling, to prevent its boiling over.

Jubur, the anus.

Judah, Jeddah on the coast of Arabia.

Jugang, a cross piece of wood ar bambu to distend any thing and prevent its collapsing, as a cross piece between two sides of a roof or other construction; a distender.

Jugang-jarging, walking backwards and forwards, with a swinging gait.

Jugja, and Jugjakarta, name of one of the present native seats of government, viz of the Sultan, in the native provinces of Java proper. Jugja is a corruption of Ayudya, the name of the kingdom of Rama in the Ramayana. Crawfurd. Ayodya, C. 45, a neg. Yodya, war- not to be warred against. The modern Oude the capital of Rama. Karta auspicious, fortunate, accomplished.

Jugjug, to direct the course to; to wish to get at; to aim at, to steer at, to drive, to chase away.

Jugul, a bit of bambu with a notch slit in it, serving to show the distance at wich ataps may be regularly laid on a roof, generally about four inches apart.

Juja, arabic, the Zodiacal sign Gemini. (Arab. ڷڄۄڒٲ Al- Jauzâ; probably from Scr. Yujau, the twins.)

Jujul, a stake or piece of wood, which being to long for its use, projects unnecessarily- sticking out.

Jujung, a fresh water river and pond fish, something like Gabus.

Jukung, name of a variety of cargo boat, in use on rivers.

Jukut, grass, of which the natives enumerate a great many varieties, always prefixing the word Jukut to each name.

Jukut Bau, stinking grass, Ageratum conyzoides. A plant which grows very rapidly amongst the mountains, and without care chokes all other plants, especially young paddy. It is called in some places Babadotan.
The following are some of the most usual grasses known to the Sundaese , including those most sought after for cattle; Běuběuntěuran; Bibitungan; Girintingan; Jampang; Jampang pahit; Kalam měta or Lambeta; Pingping kasir; Těki; Tiké, a sort of grass on the sea shore, and Walingi.

Julang, a variety of the Buceros or Rhineceros bird, it resembles the Rangkung.