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Juru, an overseer, director, one who presides over, or acts in any department of business.

Juru-basa, a linguist, an interpreter.

Juru-mudi, a helmsman, a steersman.

Juru-tulis, a clerck, a writer, a secretary.

Jurung, to assist; to come to the help of, to befriend.

Jut, the idiomatic expression of getting down, descending. Jut bai turun ti imah, and down he stepped from his house (always built on piles above the ground).

Ju-uh, much, as of flowing liquids; abundant in water or in juice. Said of the branch of a Kawung tree which yields much juice. Ju-uh tinggur, cha-ah sadapan said of the Kawung Palm — profusely flowing from the beaten stem, and sending forth a flood from the toddy tapping.

Ka, an inseparable particle used in the formation of derivative nouns, to which it is prefixed sometimes singly, but also, and that most frequently, the word to which it is prefixed, is followed by an, and by depriving the word of its initial Ka and affix an, the crude form of the word will be found and if necessary may be further sought in the dictionary. Kadua, the second, Katiga, the third. Kaburu, overtaken. Kangěunahan, delight, pleasurableness, derived from Ngěunah; Kaluhuran, height from luhur high.

Ka, a preposition in universal use; to, unto, towards. Ka mana, whither, or where are you going? Ka girang, up the river. Ka hilir, down the river. Kaluhur, upwards. Ka handap, downwards. It becomes often kang before a word beginning with a vowel. Bikun kadiyo kangaing, give it here to me.

Ka-adilan, justice, equity, righteousness. (Arabic, عادل, Adil, just.)

Ka-ang'inan, exposed to the wind; in a draft of wind.

Ka-angkat, taken away, removed.

Kababaran, overcome, outdone.

Kabadé, guessed, to know what a thing is, comprehended: to divine. Kayu iyo to kabadé, I do not know what is the name of this wood. Tachan di pupulih gěus kabadé, before he told me I had guessed it.

Kabadi, to be unwittingly overtaken by some evil or disease, which is supposed to be the work of evil genii, and for which a great variety of hocus-pocus incantations are put in requisition, to avoid the evil effects.

Kabah, arabic, the Kaaba. The temple at Mecca to which all good Mohammedans ought to make the pilgrimage. Close to the Kaaba is the celebrated well Zamzam. (ألكعبة, Al-Kâbot.)

Kabalik, upset, turned upside down, inverted.

Kabaya, Port: a loose robe, a dressing gown.

Kabaya-an, to be overtaken by some evil; to have met with a misfortune. See Baya.