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Kawya, a poem. The word is a contraction from the following. Fr.)

Kakawian, singing, in the act of vociferating a song. The subject of a song, Eŭkěur kakawian in the act of singing.

Kakayon, timber, wood in general, all kinds of wood which grow. Wood taken as a class apart from shrubs or plants which do not grow wood or timber. (From Kayu.)

Kakĕduk and sometimes Kagěduk, a bit of bambu set in a running stream, so that the water constantly jerks it, by which strings are pulled to frighten pigs or birds.

Kakěmběn, a sort of scarf worn by women round the waist or breasts. The same as Karémbong which see. (On Bali Kamběn means the common clothing of a women; the scarf alluded to is called kamběn chěrik, that is a small cloth or kain. Fr.)

Kakén, a foot rule. (From Kaki.)

Kakénchéng, an iron open cooking pan formed like a concave segment of a sphere. A large sugar pan. (At Batavia it is made of copper.)

Kakénda, elder brother or sister; used only among people of rank. Compounded of kaka vide, and éndah, good, proper. (See above Baginda.)

Kakényéd, a small rope used as reins to a buffaloe yoked to plough or cart.

Kakěplok, knocking stones together to make a noise, as is done with stones under water to frighten fish towards any nets or traps which may be set. A joint of bambu set in the sawahs, which Alls and empties itself regularly, and the end which is split knocking against a stone , frightens the wild pigs away. (Jav. Képlok, to beat in the hands.)

Kakěpuk, in a hurry and confusion. Overhaste at any work whereby it is badly done. The reverse of Rinéh which see.

Kaki, a measure of a foot, which the word implies in Malay.
The usual foot employed on Java is the

Amsterdam foot equal to ............11.146 English inches.
Rhineland foot equal to ............12.357 English inches.
The English foot is also in very general use . 12.000 English inches.

Kakiping, a wheel for a Pedaty or native cart, or a wheel for a Rice-mill, cut out of one disk of wood. Kĕping in Malay Marsden Page 260 flat (not convex). It is applied idiomatically in the enumeration of things flat and thin, as Kĕpingbatu a slate.

Kakituan, doing so, acting in that manner. Etymology kitu, thus, in that way.

Kakompongan, the flank of any four footed animal, as a horse or buffaloe or the like that part of the belly which adjoins the hind legs.

Kaku, stiff in expression or manner of speaking. Offended, vexed about anything without giving expression to it. (Malay also stupid; Javanese, Batavian stiff generally, even said from a dead body. Fr.)

Kakuprak, to knock about, to turn topsy turvy. To beat forest or jungle to drive out game. To knock people about and ill use them.

Kakurangan, deficiency, what is wanting. Dearth. (From Kurang Jav. Mal.)

Kala, a small scorpion. In Jampé it means the South; see Sěri. Kala, C. 111, a crab, the zodiacal sign scorpio.