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Karasak, a scratching noise, like that of a rat. A moderate but sharp noise. Often used in the expression Karasak karésék, scratching and grating.

Karasan, to have a pleasure in; to be delighted with. (From rasa, Scr. flavour, taste; taste, sentiment).

Karatan, only heard in the expression lain karatan, something which is so bad that it cannot be endured; too bad to be put up with.

Karaton, the abode of a Ratu or native prince. A native palace.

Karawachi, Pica; name of a pretty little bird like a magpie in miniature, not much larger than a sparrow. It is found all over Java, and appears to exist on Sumatra, as Marsden at Page 340 gives the word Murei, a species of bird resembling a small magpie, commonly called the Dial bird. I saw it also in the garden of the factories at Canton. It is not known by this name at Jasinga, but by that of Manuk Haur, which see.

Karawang, lattice work. Name of a district and chief place to the Eastward of Batavia. It obtains its name from the mouth of the Chitarum being rent and torn in sunder, or divided into many embouchures, where it flows into the sea. Rawang expresses the state of being torn or split. See Rawang.

Karé-és, gravel, small stones- such as are laid down on a road or on a garden walk.

Karéhkél, gravel, small stones.

Karékéb, to eat, to munch, to gnaw.

Karémbong, a long piece of cloth worn by a woman round her chest and breasts; a sort of scarf. Called in Malay Saléndang.

Karěmi, small worms in children. Intestinal worms. (Scr. Krimi. Jav. Krimi and Kěrmi worms.)

Karěndu, crumpled as a cloth; folded or gathered in plaits.

Karépék, a wattled fence of split bambus set in a river to intercept the passage of fish, whilst the water can flow on as usual.

Karěpus, a cap, a night cap, a sailor's cap. The article and name are both Batavian.

Karésék, making a small noise, as of a mouse gnawing or the like. It is in a smaller degree, what Karasak is in a somewhat larger one. (Onomatopoetic word. Known at Batavia.)

Karěsil, shrivelled, small, diminutive; the remainder from which the larger ones have been picked out.

Karét, name of a tree; Ficus elastica. India rubber or Gum Elastic, which is procured from the Karét tree by tapping, when the sap runs out readily and soon coagulates into the gum which is seen in trade. Called also Kolélét.

Karěumbi, a tree, Omalanthus Lechenaultianus.

Kari, Curry. A common Indian dish made of fowl boiled up with several ingredients.

Kari, and only, no more than, it only remains to. Kari siji děui there is only one left. Kari ngahatěupan, only remains to put the ataps on (said of a house which is building