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Ki-mĕrak, name of a tree with box like leaf. Leucoxylon Buiifolitim.

Kimpĕl, thick or ropy as liquids. Hard or set, as anything which has been melted, melted, such as fat, wax or the like. Congealed, coagulated.

Kimpul, a small kind of Talĕus, or Arum esculentum.

Kimput, name of a vegetable planted in the humahs.

Kinchang, name of bambu outriggers for a boat, to prevent its upsetting.

wikt:kinchir|Kinchir]], the native spinning wheel.

King, a form of ing, of —— which in composition, when coming after a vowel, assumes an initial k or n, and becomes king or ing. Jaba sa king lafal, without, or not found in the text. Hadé ning paré, good for paddy (when growing). (Saking, means from, by. I suppose king is no word by it self, but Saka-ing which becomes sakeng, sangkeng and saking. Fr.)

Kingkilapan, Musaenda glabra, a shrub with white floral leaf; the flower is red. Also called Wurungan which see- the kilap in this word denotes the glitter of the white floral leaf among the others which are green.

Kingkip, a variety of orange tree with very small fruit like a berry; much used as a preserve by the Chinese. Triphasia Trifoliata.

Kipas, a fan for fanning the person. A fanner for winnowing. To fan, to winnow.

Ki-pĕuhĕur, name of a jungle tree, otherwise called Kihiang, see Pĕuhĕur. From the astringent and harsh nature of the bark, it becomes one of the chief ingredients in making a certain preparation with wood ashes to intoxicate fish, or render them senseless. See Nua and Tuba.

Kipsau, Chinese, a pipkin, a small earthenware pot for boiling water.

Kira, to think, consider, take thought; suppose, conjecture, guess. (Jav. Mal. id.)

Kira-kira, computation, estimate; with moderation, discreetly; to be guided by circumstances. Perhaps, about.

Kirabkĕn, to shake and pull out the short and dirty pieces from straw or long grass, so as to get the long stems clean and fit for thatch &c. &c. (Kirab Jav. to shake out Malay, to shake off.)

Kirai, a Palm tree which in the Moluccos and straits of Malacca gives the Sago of commerce. In Java its leaves aae extensively used for Ataps or thatch , for which purpose it is often much planted in swamps. One variety is Lagus, another Metroxylon.

Kirim, to send, to dispatch. To entrust, to recommend to any one's care. (Jav. Mal. id.)

Kiruh, dirty and muddy as water, turbid. Chai na kiruh, the water is turbid.

Kisa, a small basket made of Palm leaves matted together, generally to hold fruit, cucumbers or the like.

Ki-sa1ira, name of a tree, Acronychia Arborea.

Kisas, clear, on which no claim can be made.

Kisi, the small spindles or spools on which thread is wound.

Kismis, raisins, dried grapes. Persian Kishmish (Marsden Page 155).

Kitab, Arabic, a book. Alkitab, the book, viz. the koran. (كِتَابٌ.)