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Kodi, a corge, anything counted or sold by 20 pieces.

Kodok, to grope with the hand; to feel for with the hand without being able to see.

Kodokan, earth trampled down and made miry by any animals, especially by buffaloes. A Buffaloe slough.

Kohkol, a joint of bambu with a longitudinal opening or slit, hung up in the wind, with a short piece of stick so arranged, that when it moves, it strikes the hollow and slit bambu, and makes a report which serves to frighten pigs or monkeys away from growing paddy or other cultivated plants.

Kohok, a peacock, so called from its cry when it gets up into trees; vide Mĕrak.

Koirkěn, to rake or pull away along the ground with any instrument, especially with a pachul.

Koja, a bag of net work carried by the Sunda people slung over the shoulder, in which all kinds of small matters are stuffed.

Koja, a Mohammedan of continental India, not an Arab. (خَو١جَه. Khawǎja, Persian, sapiens; senior; herus.)

Kojor, a bundle of palm sugar consisting of five Bungkus or packets. These five are tied up with split bambu and string, and form a long narrow roll.

Kojor, dead. A vulgar expression, and implies contempt for the person of whom it is said.

Koki, a cook, derived from the Dutch Kok = a Cook.

Kokod, the paw, the hand, the fist. The handle of anything. When used to designate a hand, it implies an indignity put upon the person who owns the hand.

Kokodén, Chintz and prints which are sold by the Kodi or corge. Printed cottons generally.

Kokodok, to take fish with the hand, by turning the stones, or groping about into holes where the fish are concealed. (See Kodok)

Kokolotěn, freckles on the face.

Kokopan, the manger of a stable. A trough or contrivance for animals, especially horses, to eat from. See Kop below.

Kokoprok, a bit of bambu, generally a couple of joints so connected with a bit of wood suspended over a stream of running water, that it gets constantly jerked up and down, and so makes a noise, by knocking upon a stone placed for the purpose, to drive away wild animals from growing paddy.

Kokoro, poor, needy, indigent. (Jav. Kuru, Mai. Kurns, thin, meager.)

Kokoro, name of a Scitamcnefbus plant, something like Laja-goa.

Kokos, to gnaw, to munch at, to corrode.

Kokosan, a fruit tree with very hard wood. A variety of Lansium.

Kol, the Dutch word kool, cabbage.

Koldi, supposed to be the forbidden fruit of Paradise. Some fruit which is not indigenous to Java, but not ascertained what it really is.

Kolé, tho wild plantain, Musa Trogloditarum.

Koléar, to fall from a height, to descend from on high.