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have received from European navigators the name of Java Head. See Barat. (It is also Malay, Javan. and Balinese.)

Kulop, the foreskin, the prepuce derived from the Arabic Ghulf, of same import. (Arab. قلفة and غلفة Qulfat, Ghulfat, praeputium.)

Kulub, to boil, to cook in hot water.

Kulumud, the soft eatable pulp of a fruit, which surrounds a stone or kernel, such as the Rambutan.

Kulur, name of a tree, Artocarpus Incisa, called in Malay Kluwi and Timbul.

Kulutuk, one of the names of a variety of plantain of which the fruit is not eatable, but the leaves sought for and used as wrappers. Vide Chaw.

Kumaha, how? in what way? what is the matter; what do you want. Kumaha daik hadé, how can it be good, or right? Sa kumaha harga na, what is the price of it? Kumaha pihadéan nana, how shall we act in order to have matters right. Sia manan lumpat kadiyo kumaha, what is the matter that you come running here.

Kuman, a small fine animalcule, adhering to the skin and causing itching; an atom, a minute particle.

Kumat, a relapse of disease; confirmed illness. (Jav. Kumat, to be sick and well by rotation.)

Kumbah, to wash, to cleanse with water. The etymon of this word is Bah, which does not occur alone, in Sunda, but in Malay, Marsden P. 57 is- „a flood, an inundation”. The Bah has the usual preposition Ka before it, elided with um implying a frequent repetition of the act (Jav. idem.)

Kuměli, name of a lowly plant with crenulated leaves, which is planted and produces a small potatoe. Plectranthus Tuberosum of the family of Labiatae, also palled Coleus Tuberosus.

Kumis, mustachios. The hair growing on the upper lip. (Mal. idem.)

Kumisi, said of paddy when it is about to shoot the ear of grain. Literally- like a kisi or spinning wheel spindle. (Cf. Jav. Mal. Isi, the contents; to fill.)

Kumpai, the fine straggling, dangling, long offsets of the roots of such trees as grow on the moist banks of water.

Kumpani, The European government; the Dutch government. Derived from the East India Company. Paréntah kumpani, a Government order. Kapal kumpani, a Government ship, a man of war. Gawé kumpani, to work for the Company or Government, to do feudal service. This is the name by which the feudal service on private Estates is known. The services of a man for one day in seven being at the disposal of the land owner. Orang kumpani, a person who is performing feudal service.

Kumpul, to collect, to gather, to assemble, to accumulate. (Mal. Jav. idem.)

Kumpul, a small sized gong for collecting guests, or giving notice that an entertainment is preparing. (Certainly the same word as the preceding Fr.)

Kumusut, entangled, in confusion. A kind of plural of kusut, and means kusut, only in a superlative degree.