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gan di ragapan, and sticking out his hand he caught hold of it. Lol bai nontot ti jero ruas and projecting it stuck out of the bambu case.

Lolocho, to pound Seureuh in a small hand cylinder for old people who have no teeth to chew. To clean iron weapons with acids.

Loloh, to feed animals, to stuff with food. Kĕbo di loloh ku hu-ut bĕunang nguyahan, the buffaloes were fed with bran which had salt in it.

Loloh kĕbo, name of a plant. Eaphidophora laura.

Lololkĕn, to stick out, to cause to project. Letah na di lololkĕn, he stuk out his tongue.

Lolong, blind, unable to see, though the eyelids are open and the eyes appear perfect.

Lolongkro, a ravine on the face of a mountain; a gully, a chasm.

Lolong'ok, the door at the back of a native house. The door at the Goah.

Loma, an intimate friend.

Lonchér, loosened, shaking as the handle of any instrument; getting loose or detached.

Long, a cage- word made use of in Pantuns. Long kanchana, a golden cage.

Long, a squib; an instrument consisting of a bambu tube for firing off moistened gunpowder. (Chinese. Used at Batavia.)

Longlongan, spirits or fairies who take away our goods without our knowledge.

Longsong, speedy, quick, expeditious.

Longsor, to give, to present with.

Lonjong, long and even, said of a stone; a slab of a stone.

Lontar, name of a palm tree, from which in some parts of the country much toddy is drawn. Borassus Flabelliformis. The Javanese in East Java, call this tree Siwalan, and apply lontar merely to the leaves. Siwalan may still be Hindu, Siwa the god so called, alan, C. 49 an ornament = the ornament of Siwa. It is generally supposed that the original name of this palm was Rontal but that the initial and final letters have been transposed. Ron is said to be an old Polynesian name for leaf- and on Bali, Don means leaf which is evidently a contraction of Dahu-an = Don , see voce Daun. Tal is Tala, C. 229 the Palmyra tree. Dontal is thus the leaf - Palmyratree, on the leaves of which, in former times, the natives used to write, and by a slight inaccuracy of understanding the original words, they have transferred to the tree, a name which in its original only strictly applied to the leaves. (According to Gericke also the name of the tree in Javanese and Malay. In Bali also. The leaves are in common use on Bali and in some parts of the interior of Java as the only writing material Fr).

Lonté, a harlot, a whore, a prostitute. (Jav. (Symbol missingJavanese characters) Lonté id.)

Lopak, to plate, to cover with a plate of metal, especially silver or gold.

Lopang, name of a creeper with deeply scolloped leaf, and rough to the feel; Cower white; fruit round and red, but not eaten on account of its bitterness.

Loréng, striped, streaked, as some animals, dogs, tigers &c. (Jav. Léréng according to Gericke, but there also is heard machan loréng, the striped tiger Fr.)