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the Moluccos, where it is called Kayu Lengoa Mr. Friederich informs me that in Sancrit Asana has also the meaning of „sitting in some peculiar position, as is the custom of devotees” May the word asana, as the etymon of our Angsana tree have had its origin in this tree being often selected for the place where former devotees chose to sit and meditate, and from this holy character of the tree, it was planted about the graves of the deceased? (15).[1].

Angsěrot, a syrringe, a squirt-usually made of a bit of bambu and used for squirting Tuba or intoxicating water at fish in holes.

Angsěuk, to push forward to, to attack, to force forward.

Angsur, to push forward, to shove together, to push along the ground Suluh na angsurken deui, push the fire wood together again, when mending a fire of logs lying on the ground.

Anjěrogkěn, to come to a crisis, to come to the denoument of story.

Anjian, to copulate, said only of brutes.

Anjing, a dog, canis- a term of reproach; the big-headed ants, which bite so hard, and appear to be the guardians in a hillock of white ants.

Anjing awéwé, a female dog, a bitch.

Anjingan, to hunt or bait with dogs.

Anjog, Prematurely, too early, untimely.

Anjukan, haughty, overbearing, always having one's own way. Jélema anjukan, a bully, an unruly person.

Anjur, a kind of shovel shaped instrument made by fixing the upih of a Pinang tree, or a bit of broad bark of any kind, between a forked stick for the purpose of throwing up water from a hole; for baling out water.

Anom, properly Javanese- young, youthful.

Anta, brackish, having a taste of sea water.

Anta Boga, The presiding deity over the lowest region of the universe; he was in shape like a dragon. He caught in his mouth the Chupu with its Retna Dumila as it fell from the hands of the superior deities and swallowed it. The Retna Dumila subsequently became the Dayang Trusnawati, who presides over Paddy cultivation. Anta Boga afterwards delivered up the Retna Dumila to Sengyang Guru. The name Anta

  1. (15) Asana and Angsana are no doubt the same word; out of some hundred, where the Javanese have put a nasal sound into a Sanscrit word. it suffice to name the word angkasa in place of Skr. ākāça. Asana with first long ā now as wel as Asana and Açana, have besides some other meanings also that of a tree, Terminalia alata tomentosa, which seems to indicate the same as our Pterocarpus Indica. Clough speaks according to Ceylonese information. Asana „sitting in the position of a devotee” has certainly given the origin of the tree being also called, he sharing the holiness of some kinds of ficus, which were selected for the same purpose. Fr.