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Asin, salt, saltish, salted. Daging asin, salt meat. Chi asin salt water, the water of the sea.

Asmara, the same as Samara, the deity of love which see. Samara C. 710. from Sa for Saha, with- Mâra an enemy; having the passions unsubdued. (17).[1]

Asongkěn, to push forward, to shove along, to push on to eucounter-to set afighting.

Asrah, to surrender, to submit, to give one self up, to ask for mercy; yielded, submitted. Sarahken in Sunda is also to give up, to surrender anything.

Asrakal, the act of standing up in prayer. (ar.)

Asta, a cubit, the measure from the elbow to the tips of fingers. Hasta C 789 the hand, a cubit measured by the hand and arm, from the elbow to the middle finger.

Astaghafarillah ar: an exclamatio nof astonishment or of sudden alarm: may God avert, may God preserve us. God bless me!

Astana, the burial ground of Chiefs or of great men. In Bali Pangastanan is a sort of temple where Siwa is worshipped by the mass of the people. Sthana, C. 774 from Stha to stay-place, spot, situation or Asthana C. 66. an assembly (of the dead as used for a burial place).

Astina, name of the Country of the Pandus, placed by the Javanese in the province of Pakalongan in their own Island-Crawfurd. (Skr. Hastinapura , ancient Delhi. Fr.)

Asuh, to nurse a small child, to fondle an infant in the arms; to hold such a child in the arms and swing it about.

Asur, to push together, particularly firewood or burning logs.

Asur , to bribe , to gain to one's interest by gifts.

Asuran, a bribe, a douceur.

Aswalas, a term of reproach. The words are properly Javanese and Asu- alas, dog of the woods. Suna, C. 748. a dog, derived from Su to hear, to obey, and na affirmative. alas forest. (çvan, Nominat. çvâ; cass. obliqui çun- Skr.; cf. Gr. kyôn, kyn-os; lat. c(v)an-is; Germ. hun-d. Our form here is derived from the Nominative-çvâ, with prefixed a. Fr.)

Atah, unripe, raw, not sufficiently cooked.

Atak-atak, direction, position, as Kapahung, to nyaho di Atak-atak na I lost myself in the forest, and know not in what direction (or where abouts).

Atal, Orpiment, a yellow sulphurate of arsenic, with which the natives, especially at the east end of Java , smear their bodies , and make themselves yellow , on occasions of ceremony, especially when celebrating their marriage ceremonies. Artal is given by Crawfurd who says it is Sanscrit.

  1. (17) Smara Skr. derived from smri, memorem esse (memor = me- smor); cf for the application of the word (love, the God of love), the Latin cura. The a is prefixed, as in many words, to facilitate the pronunciation Fr.