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Bokérkěn, to open or split up; often applied to large fruits that divide in cloves. To open a slokan or water course by removing sand and other sediment, which has accumulated at its mouth.

Bokong, to take a weight upon the back; to carry a load upon the backbone; to set the rump against any thing for the purpose of pryzing it up or shoving it along—see Bobokong.

Bokor, a brass basin or bowl. It may not improbably be derived from Boku, C. 479, the hand bent as if to receive water; a piece of cloth, or any thing that is pliable, as a leaf, a piece of paper &c bent into a hollow shape, as a Sugar peper &c.

Bolang, a kind of wild Arum growing in swampy places, which the Chinese often boil up and give to pigs.

Boléd, a small native yam or potatoe; same as Man tang. Convolvulus Batatas.

Bolodog, a half amphibious fish, found on the sea shores of Java, sometimes in the pools of half stagnant water, and sometimes crawling up on the sand and mud, in which it burrows. Chironectes.

Bolong, having a hole in it, as a bag, basket, boat &c.

Bolong'or, awake but not sensible, in a sort of trance. So far awake from sleep, that the eyes are open, and seeing what is going on, without their owner having the power to move.

Bolongsong, a rope or halter with one end adapted to fit a horse's head.

Bonang, a musical instrument belonging to the Gamelan. It is a frame in which cords are firmly stretched, and on which a number of small brass pots are set which are tapped with a wooden hammer.

Bonchénang, said of well filled fruit.

Bonchérét, staring, agog.

Bondol, name of a small bird, with dark brown body, and white head.

Bondoroyot, as Sabondoroyot, a collection of immediate relatives. Our near relations; called also Saboronjotan.

Bonéka, Portuguese, a child's doll.

Bong'an, your fault, you are to blame; carelessly, without thought, without due consideration. Bong'an sia pandeuri, it is your fault that you are left behind.

Bong'bok, a hole in a tree or in a post. Any snug deep hole in which to stow anything away. A chink.

Bongbong, an opening made in jungle, tall grass &c, a clear passage.

Bongbong, said to a child which has difficulty in swallowing, with a view to induce it to disgorge.

Bongborotan, a hole or small opening to peep through.

Bonggan, look out for yourself, take care of your own matters.

Bongkar, to tear open, to pull roughly to pieces. To upheave, to take the contents out of a prow or boat.