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This page needs to be proofread.

have long been pointed out in it by sound criticism, spread among the Bohemian people beyond measure : to which the simple style in which it is written contributed not a little.

to take,pojati (see ist conj., 4th class).

for, do, prep, governing gen.

chronicle, kronika, s.f.

a multitude, množství.

fable, bajka (insert e before k in gen. plur.).

invention, fancy, smyšlenka.

a thing, věc, s.f.

untrue, nepravdivý.

groundless, nedůvodný.

not in any way, nikterak.

it was impossible, nelze; used as an impersonal.

a sure historical source, bez- pečný pramen historický.

to be like, podobali se.

work, dílo, s.n.

more, vice.

some, nějaký.

amusing, zábavný.

reading, cleni, neut. verbal subst.

than, než.

history, dějepis, m. (lit. the writ- ing of what is done).

instructive, poučný, fr. po and uč; same root as in učili, to teach, nauka, s.f. learning, science. The idea devel-

oped in the Slavonic word for ' learning' is to get used to a thing.

moreover, nad to (lit. upon this).

to describe, vypisovali, 6th conj., from ?y,out,andji>2.r, to write, ovalí being the infin. suffix. The majority of verbs in the 6th conj. are formed from nouns.

each, každý.

event, udalosí, s.f, 5th declen. as a chronicler: use adverbial

form, kronikářsky; and cf.

such expressions as mluvili

česky, to speak Bohemian

(see p. 57). separately, o 'sobě, by itself; lit.

concerning itself, without, bez.

connexion, spojitost, s.f. Cf.

spoj-iti, to unite, with, s. the rest, jiný. yet, preče.

in spite of, or over and above, přes. Here the form prese must be used on account of the next word beginning with two consonants.