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Ramble of the Gods



A Tale.

"Eranti, paſſimque oculos per cuncta ferenti."

Sometime ago, I'm told, a rambling fit
Seiz'd on Apollo, God of Song and Wit;
He spoke to Mercury, and ask'd if he
To Earth a while would bear him company?
'With all my heart,' said he, 'I long to know,
'And see what's paſsing in the world below.
'Then, if you please, I'll lead for you the way;'
For Hermes oft conducts the Gods, they say.

Bacchus, who heard it, whisper'd, thro' the sky,
That soon they meant to quit the realms on high,
Propos'd that their example he might follow,
Which was with joy accepted by Apollo.

They went, and leave of absence ask'd of Jove,
Then sallied gaily forth from Realms above.