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dictionary of the swatow dialect.

A storey; a tier; a strata.
cí kâi thah káu în; this pagoda has seven storeys. châ thîap cò̤ cêk în cêk în;

lay the bundles of wood up in tiers. bé-thâu kâi cîeh kih cêk în cêk în; the stones of the pier are laid in tiers. kheng thâh cêk în cêk în; the baskets are piled up in tiers. thîap lô̤h ŭ kúi în? How many tiers have you put in place? lṳ́ sìo thóiⁿ cêk în ŭ jîeh cōi kâi; count and see how many there are in one tier.

în cîⁿ; money, bullion, specie, silver. cí kâi úa bói ngŏ-câp kâi în-cîⁿ; I

bought this for fifty silver pieces. cí kâi ēng kúi kâi în-cîⁿ cìaⁿ bói tit tîeh? What amount of money will be required in order to purchase this?

A halo around the sun or moon, or vapors condensing around them.
gûeh īn; a halo around

the moon. thóiⁿ tîeh kâi īn; see the halo.  cⁿk kâi In; a ring of vapor around the sun or moon. thau hui-hui-cng. chin-chie t<o In; my head swims as if I were dazed. jit lṳ́; a haze around the sun.  In 124 To soar; to hover over.  792 o cí no ciah t(o in kâi. kâi sl tl- tiang kâi hun-cio; whose are the two doves that are circling in the air? tQ puaⁿ-thiⁿ td In; soaring in mid-heaven. pue to liAn-twn kò̤ In; fly upward and soar among the clouds. In kàu khuah-khuah; soar far and wide.  ■m 10 — io 88 A fairy. fay. or hobgoblin.  1074 4 io-kuai; an elf. io-ciaⁿ; a fairy. io-ciaⁿ kui-kuai; fays and imps. io- khi; an apparition. thoiⁿ tîeh io-khi seng câi; saw throngs of bogies. io-ngan; ghost-stories.  io-rgiak; prodigies. i kâi io huap tōa; his spells are forceful. chiaⁿ i lâi siu io; ask him to come and control the elves. tu io-kuai; remove the elfins. khu-tok io-sia; drive out the imps. cie io kiaⁿ; a mirror in which fairies may be seen. io-jio; to ogle; to try to be fascinatiusr.  m io 1o2 To ask; to engage to do.  107o 13 io úa khṳ̀ thit-tho; he asked me to go out for recreation with him. io lṳ́ co-pu lâi khṳ̀; ask you to go along with them.  àiⁿ io i tang khṳ̀ am? Ai-e you going to ask lum to go too? >rⁿ io o2 The ace in dice; minute; Jⁿ 107o atomic.  io ji saⁿ 81 ngS lak; the spots upon dice. puah tîeh lak kâi io; threw six aces. io-mdⁿ; microscopic; very minute.  Hⁿ io 80 To cry out; to shout.  107o 8 io-toah; bawl out. io tuⁿ; call the court to order. cò̤ lô̤h khṳ̀ ce io fnc/.  i cQ kiaⁿ kàu td tong; when they sat down and called the court to order. he was so frightened that he trembled. io-io toah-toah; yelling and shouting.  ft io 184 Hungry; famished.  334 2 i kâi to io; he is half- famished.  io-go kui; a hungry imp. t<o io. cQ kui ciah; when the stomach is empty. eating is easy.  io 14o To make an agreement; to be 1077 8 bound; to restrict; to seek for; to expostulate with; to examine into.  ku io put buang; do not disregard the old agreement. i sl ŭ io-khia kâi sim; he has an inquiring mind. io-kun; to force a course by threats of consequences; to take a stand from which there can be no further demur.  M io 1o3 An interrogative particle. im- o10 4 plying dissent.  cêk ieⁿ cū keⁿ io ŭ no ieⁿ bl; one mess of pot- tage cannot have two different flavours. io ŭ koh ieⁿ? How can there be any different sort? io ŭ cí kâi tp-li? How can that be right? io hó̤ cio'-seⁿ; m̄ hó̤; why should you do that; it will not do. io hó̤ kwn-thJli i cìeⁿ-seⁿ ! Why should you treat him like that ! m io 11o Rather; slightly; for the most 74o 7 part; somewhat more.  taⁿ io tōa lío; is now somewhat larger. io kuiⁿ; rather taller. chue kâi io soi kâi keng hó̤; to seek out a smaller one would be better.  ca m̄ pat. hin-kim io pat; formerly he did not understand. but now he partially understands.  hu tiang-si e-e àiⁿ phah i. taⁿ io sieh i; she then frequently beat him. but now she is kin- der to him.  io-thio Quiet; retiring; tran- 1077 quil.  se~ lâi io-thio câi; she is naturally very refined.  thoiⁿ tîeh i io-io thio-thio cū huaⁿ-hi; when he saw that she had a refined appearance. he