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sugar 1s. 4d.; a sack of coals cost 10d., a pound of soap 8d., though this was not much in demand as yet, for the value of cleanliness was unproved. Prices were rising year by year.

"Cannot you remember? " said a man of this period to his friend and neighbour, "within these thirty years, I could buy the best pig or goose that I could lay my hand on for 4d., which now costeth me double and triple the money? It is likewise in greater ware as in beef and mutton. I have seen a cap for 13d. as good as I can get now for 2s. 6d.; of cloth ye have heard how the price is risen, how a pair of shoes cost 12d., yet in my time I have bought a better for 6d." Such is the plaint of human nature, which amid all the changes of the world remains ever the same.