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danish grammar.

get,' (to be under a necessity,) may be used as auxiliaries; the former with the verb at være, 'to be,' in the conjugation of passive verbs, and the latter in the sense of 'may,' 'must,' in the conjugation of active verbs.


Present, at have, to have.
at være, to be.
Past, at have haft, to have had.
at have værst, to have been.
Future, at skulle have, to be obliged to have; (shall have).
at skulle være, to be obliged to be; (will, or shall be).


Present, havende, having.
værende, being.
Past, haft, had.
været, been.


Present Tense.

jeg, du, han, hun, har, I, thou, etc., have, hast, has.
" " " " er, " " " am, art, is.
vi, I, de, have, we, etc., have.
" " " ere, " " are.

Imperfect Past.

jeg, du, han, hun, havde, I, etc., had (in all persons).
" " " " var, I, etc., was.
vi, I, de, vare, we, ye, they, were