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Various prepositions are compound; as,

bagved, behind. henved, towards.
foran, before. indtil, into.


The principal conjunctions are:—

og, and, eller, or, hvis, if, in case.
samt, together with. enten, either, fordi, because.
både, both, ti, because.
men, but, siden, da, since, when.
endog, even, at, that, at ikke, lest.
end, than, (used in the comparison of adjectives).


Interjections are, (1) imitative sounds, expressive of impressions they are intended to convey; as, Puf! knak! top! (2) Natural expletives; as, Ah! Ak! O! Fy! (3) The imperatives of verbs; as, velkommen! 'be welcome;' bort! 'go away.' (4) Vitiated forms of invocation; as, Hillemænd! (O, hellige Mænd!) "Oh! blessed Saints;" Såmænd! (Så sandt som det hellige Evangelium, så hjælpe mig de hellige Mænd!) "As true as holy Gospel, so help me the Blessed Saints!"