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danish grammar.

Adjectives follow the noun when used as titular distinctions; as Knud den store, 'Canute the Great;' Karl den femte, 'Charles the Fifth.'

When adjectives are used to represent nouns they follow the same rules as the latter in regard to the genitive, which they form by adding s; as, de Godes Handlinger og de Slettes, 'the actions of the good and the bad.' An apostrophe is inadmissible here, as in the case of nouns, although in some names, more especially when they are of foreign origin, it is occasionally used, as Darius's.

In the following list of the numerals will be found the several forms of numeration, common among Danes and Norwegians respectively.

The Cardinal Numbers.

These are the same among both peoples up to 30; as,

Danish and Norwegian.
1. en, et. 12. tolv.
2. to, (tvende). 13. tretten.
3. tre, (trende). 14. fjorten.
4. fire. 15. femten.
5. fem. 16. seksten.
6. seks. 17. sytten.
7. syv. 18. atten.
8. åtte, (otte). 19. nitten.
9. ni. 20. tyve.
10. ti. 21. en og tyve.
11. elleve. &c.