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" father had formerly used, exposed to the sneers of the standers-by, and the inclemency of the weather; a penance, by which, I trust, I have propitiated Heaven for this only instance, I believe, of contumacy towards my father."

Since the removal of Mr. Green's museum from Lichfield, the lions of the place are reduced to a very narrow number. Amongst these the cathedral offers itself first for observation; an edifice uniform and beautiful, kept up with the utmost nicety, neatness, and care. One regulation for the preservation of its walls and the prevention of their disfigurement by bad taste, is an order of the chapter, prohibiting any monuments to be erected within the fabric, and directing that all notifications of the names and ages of persons buried in the cathedral should be inscribed on little tablets of black marble, and inserted in the walls of the southern transept. Previously to this sensible arrangement, some few monuments had been erected, amongst which are the following three, commemorating remarkable persons, and bearing these inscriptions

"Sacred to the memory of the Right Hon. LADY MARY WORTLEY MONTAGUE, who happily introduced from Turkey into this country the salutary art of Inoculating the Small-Pox. Convinced of its efficacy, she first tried it with success on her