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ported to have been early favoured by, and finally married to, Queen Henrietta Maria: on whom, during the troubles of her husband, he faithfully and diligently attended, through great perils and danger, for which he was rewarded with the title of Lord Jermyn; and was, for continued services to the family previous to the Restoration, created Earl of St. Alban's by Charles II. to whom he was appointed chamberlain. If he were distinguished by his courage and intrepidity in the troubled reign of Charles I. he was not less able to shine, from the elegance of his person and manners, in the licentious court of his successor; therefore we are not surprised to find mention of him in Grammont's Memoirs.

Charles I. by Vandyck.

Nathaniel Baron Crewe Bishop of Durham, one of the mast despicable characters in the annals of James II. by whom he was selected as grand-inquisitor of the ecclesiastical commission, at which he rejoiced, "because it would render his name famous [he might more properly have said infamous] in history." On the reverse of fortune which deservedly attended that misguided prince, this obnoxious prelate, hoping to cancel the remembrance of his former offences, basely deserted the sovereign who had raised him, and affected to