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espouse the cause of liberty, which he had so long and so lately insulted. Ob. 1721, Æt. 88.

Cardinal Curzon, imaginary, 1209.

Sir Paul Rycaut, by Vandyck. He was employed in the diplomatic line by the two last of the Stuarts, and their successor William; and has left us not only proofs of his talents as a negociator, but also as an historical writer. Whilst secretary to the embassy at Constantinople, he composed an Account of the Ottoman Empire, and a Continuation of Knolles's History of the Turks:" whilst resident at Smyrna, he published " The present State of the Greek and Armenian Churches." Ob. 1700.

Mary Countess of Dorset was daughter of Sir George Curzon, and wife of Edward Earl of Dorset, who was one of the most distinguished ornaments of the Sackvilles. She was governess to the children of Charles I. and so conspicuously virtuous in her conduct, that it was voted in Parliament, after her decease, the funeral should be performed at the public expence, and she was consequently buried in great state, 1645.

Hon. C. and H. Curzon, by Hamilton.

Duchess of York, by Lely.

Prince Henry, by Cornelius Janssen; the amiable son of James I. whose noble and manly conduct: had endeared him to all classes of his father's