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full lengths—the saints Isidorus, Ignatius, Fransiscus Xavier, Sancta Teresia, and St. Philippus Nerries, with this inscription: "Hi quinque S. S. a Gregorio XV. Pontif. Max. in S S. numerum relati fuere ipso die Gregorio sacro, id est, 4 id. Martii 1 622." The attitudes and dress of these figures are different, but there is the same expression of devotion in their countenances. We could not help lamenting, however, that so much art had been thrown away on so absurd a subject. The Women in the Garden conversing with two Angels, by Rubens; a piece of more delicacy than majesty or sublimity. Two Sea-pieces, by Vandervelt.

Our route, which pointed out Dove-Dale and Islam as objects for the next visit, obliged us to return to Ashbourne from Oakover, and to take the Islam road; continuing along which for three miles, we reached the Dog and Partridge, a small public-house, (where we had been advised to quit

our carriage) gratified in our way thither by the view of a broad vale, whch spread its rich bosom watered by the Dovey to the left, and contrasted finely with the rude and naked hills that heaved themselves above it. Before us rose an heap of desert mountains, amongst which Thorp-Cloud, in the foreground, made a conspicuous and romantic figure, from the singularity of its form; and produced that