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The public baths each time 1s. private ditto 3s. There are three assemblies every week; Monday and Friday undress, and Wednesday dress ball; these conclude at eleven o'clock. The theatre is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. All these gaieties commence in June, and conclude in November.

It is not necessary for me to inform you, that Buxton was known to the Romans, and its tepid springs used by that people, with whom warm-bathing was not only a pleasurable but a necessary practice. The recent use of them seems to have originated in Queen Elizabeth's time, when Dr. Jones gave them popularity by his account and recommendation of them. Since that time they have been greatly frequented, and are now during the summer season constantly crouded. The water is usually drunk at St. Ann's well, (to whom it was anciently consecrated) an elegant classical building; to which it is conveyed from the original spring by a narrow grit-stone passage, so close and well contrived as to prevent it from losing any portion of its heat, which stands at 81¼ of Farenheit, both at the spring and on issuing into day. Its taste is agreeable; its appearance sparkling; and its quality heating. Gout, nephritis, bile, and debility of stomach and intestines, is generally