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minister to the Tower, by a vote of the two Houses, where he remained nearly four years; and was then brought forth to a trial of twenty days, which had been previously determined to end in execution; and he expiated all his errors on the scaffold 1644, Æt. 72 The royal pardon was pleaded, but rejected. Indeed the whole of this prosecution furnishes a fatal proof, how madly popular assemblies (when they overleap the bounds of law) naturally hurry into acts of tyranny and oppression.

William second Earl of Strafford, was eldest son of Thomas, whose honours were restored to him by patent 1641, and the attainder reversed by Act of Parliament soon after the Restoration. Ob. 1695, without issue; having married

Henrietta Maria, daughter of James seventh Earl of Derby.

Charles I. ætat. 33, by Vandyck, whole-length; a superb picture, where the melancholy trait of countenance is strongly pourtrayed.

Henry Duke of Glocester was the favourite child of Charles I.; after his father's execution, he went abroad, and participated the fortune of his family, dependant on the Court of France; from many of the miseries of which he was, however, spared by an early death. Ob. 1660. Æt. 20.