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Hill, May 12, 1641. Æt. 49. A few weeks afterwards, the same parliament remitted to his children the heavier consequences of his sentence; and the attainder was reversed immediately after the Restoration.

Anne Hyde Duchess of York was eldest daughter to the celebrated Lord Chancellor Clarendon, and married to James II. (before he came to the crown) soon after the Restoration; having so far previously favoured his addresses whilst abroad, as to render an early marriage not only a point of honour but of necessity. She died 1671, openly professing the Catholic religion.

Sir ——— Stanhope, 1572, great grandfather of William Earl of Strafford.

A fine portrait of Whistle-Jacket, a celebrated racer belonging to the late Marquis, by Stubbs. There is no back ground to this piece, the noble owner of it fearing the introduction of one might spoil the picture. Perhaps, indeed, it may be judicious to omit them in portraits, as the relief is greater without them, and the attention then confined entirely to the subject. There is much nature and spirit in this picture, painted 36 years ago.

This room is not fitted up. The beautiful white marble chimney-piece cost 700l.