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The chapel is square, simple in its decorations, and fitted up with oak. Here are found the following pictures:—A large and magnificent piece, by Luca Giordano, Samuel slaying the Philistines.—The twelve Apostles, in twelve separate works, and Christ; all copied from Guido.—Madona and Child, by Andrea del Sarto; the ease of the child's figure, and the infantine innocence of his face, are strikingly beautiful.—Head of our Saviour crowned with thorns, Guido; exquisite expression of acute suffering endured with resignation, admirably marking the character of Him who was "a man of "sorrows and acquainted with grief."—St. Jerome and an Angel Guercino,—The preparation to slay St. Bartholomew; by Espagnoletto; like most of the other efforts of his pencil, bold, expressive, and horribly fine.—Five scripture-pieces on copper; small, but highly finished.

The library is sixty feet by twenty; over the chimney is a figure in wood, large as life, of

The Hon. Thomas Watson Wentworth, second son of Edward second Lord Rockingham. He succeeded to the estate of his uncle William Earl of Strafford, and assumed the name of Wentworth.

In the white bed-chamber is a curious original portrait of Henry the Seventh on wood; a rigid likeness, but hard outline.