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Gulielmus de Nassau, Prince of Orange.—Margaret Wentworth, youngest daughter to the first Earl of Strafford; by Lely.—Sir Christopher Wordsworth; half-length, by Cornelius Janssen.—Henry Vere Earl of Oxford, lord high chamberlain; obiit 1625.—Boys blowing bubbles, and eating oysters, very fine; by Lely.—A large Landscape, by Paul Veronese.—An Holy Family, by Andrea del Sarti.—Henry Prince of Wales, a small half-length, most beautiful.

A small imaginary portrait of our Saviour, three quarters, painted on wood with this inscription: "This present figure is the similitude of our Lord J.H.S. our Saviour, imprinted on an emerald by the predecessors of the great Turke, and sent to Pope Innocent the Eighth, for a token to redeem his brother that was taken prisoner."

A large Landscape with ruins; Nic. Poussin.

Over the door, a Portuguese Courtezan, and an old man paying his court to her by feeding her parrot; Paul Giordano.

Charlotte de la Tremouille Countess of Derby; ætat. 18, 1634. She was wife of James the 7th Earl of Derby; her name will long stand high in the annals of heroism, for her gallant defence of Lathom-House and the isle of Man. It was her