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chery of Lord Aston. Every species of indignity and insult was offered to his person, which was paraded through the streets of Edinburgh in his assumed habit, tied to a high cart, in order that he might be more fully exposed to the scoffing multitude; and was brought before the Parliament there sitting, when he did not humble himself by lamenting his past conduct, but fully vindicated every act of his life, except that in his youth he had been seduced for a short time to tread in the paths of rebellion. He was sentenced to be hanged on a gibbet thirty feet high, and the execution was marked with every aggravation of cruelty that could be devised; but he died as he lived, displaying an exemplary proof of heroism rarely to be met with but in Plutarch. Obiit 1650.

Emilia Sophia Marchioness of Athol; daughter to James seventh Earl of Derby, and sister to Henrietta Maria, wife of the second Earl of Strafford.—William Richard George 9th Earl of Derby. Obiit 1702.—Lucretia stabbing herself; an affecting picture, by Guido.—Joseph and Potiphar's Wife; by Spanialo, a pupil of Dominichino.—An admirable copy of Vandyck's famous picture of Lord Strafford and his Secretary.—Orlando and Armida; Myeris.—Peasantry on horseback; in which the characteristic figure of Wouvermans, the white horse,