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marks it for his work.—Catherine Stanley Marchioness of Dorchester, third daughter of Francis Earl of Derby; obiit 1678. Whole length, by Lely.

A large picture by Guercino, Hagar, Ishmael, and the Angel; a beautiful expression of grief in the countenances of the first, and of pity and benevolence in that of third. Hagar's face is a portrait of Guercino's favourite woman; it occurs in almost all his pieces.

Francis Clifford Earl of Cumberland, whole length; father to the first wife of Thomas Earl of Strafford.—A Magdalen, by Titian. Deep contrition, and the most perfect prostration of soul, characterize this face.

One of the most splendid cabinets in the kingdom, composed of tortoise-shell and gilt brass, compleats the ornaments of this room.

The grand drawing-room is forty feet square and twenty-four high, and contains,

An Earl of Rockingham, half-length.

Sir William Wentworth, father of Thomas first Earl of Strafford, was a Yorkshire gentleman of great landed property, and created twenty-second baronet in the list of precedency by James I. Ob. 1614. He married

Anne, daughter of Sir Robert Atkins, of Glocester, the historian of that county.