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antique, but when the arts were low.—The emperor Adrian's Wife; a well-preserved antique bust.—Egyptian female bust; antique.—A Bacchus, ditto.—Bust of Nero, ditto.—Paris, ditto, not so large as life; the fatal apple in his left hand, which induced the destructive hatred of Juno and Minerva, and the pernicious friendship of Venus; in a shepherd's dress, and pastoral crook in his right hand. A sitting Jupiter, ditto; grand and majestic, though small.—An unknown female bust; antique.—Cybele, with a turretted head; ditto.—The rape of Ganymede by an eagle; the limbs of the former graceful and delicate.—Bust of Bacchus; antique.—Cupid and Psyche kissing; ditto.—Two fine Centaurs, ditto.—Head of Laocoon, a grand bust by Wilton.—Antinöus, naked; antique, hair not so bushy as usually sculptured.

Every thing without the mansion is consistent with the magnificence and expence which reign within it. The menagerie and stables, in its immediate neighbourhood, are executed upon a princely scale; and the more distant decorations of the extensive park (which embraces one thousand six hundred acres within its inclosure) evince the grand conceptions of the noble Marquis under whose directions the whole was principally executed. To enumerate and analyse the august and