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longer estimation than most contemporary works. But the proudest act of his life may be found at its close: having received a mortal wound at the battle of Zutphen, and being nearly exhausted with pain and excessive bleeding, he obtained some drink, and was in the act of lifting it to his mouth, when a poor soldier (whom they were removing from the field desperately wounded) fixed his anxious eyes upon the bottle; which the hero instantly delivered to him, saying, "Thy necessity is still greater than mine." Obiit 1586.

In the best drawing-room:

Diana and Actæon; a very fine picture by Tellan. Actæon's emotions of astonishment and delight at the unexpected scene before him, admirably expressed; as well as the smile of Diana, speaking mischief. Her hand lifted up has almost the substance and spirit of life.—Westminster Bridge, and two Sea-pieces, by Botart.

Over the chimney, David with Goliath's Head, by Carlo Maratti. Great ease in the posture and limbs of David, who is reposing after the conflict.

Two sheep-pieces'; by Rosa de Tivoli.

In the dining-room:

Lord Strafford and his Secretary. There has been a dispute, which of the two pictures, that at Wentworth-House, or the one before us, was the