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original by Vandyck. They are both extremely fine, but we are inclined to prefer the former; though it is probable they were both from the pencil of this great master.

Lady Ann Campbell Countess of Strafford.—Anne daughter of Sir John Wentworth of Gorsfield, wife of Thomas Lord Wentworth deputy of Calais, and her three children, 1. William, who married Elizabeth, daughter of William Lord Burleigh, and died without issue. 2. Henry Lord Wentworth, who married Anne Hopton, and was father of Thomas Earl of Cleveland. 3. Elizabeth, who married William, son of Sir Francis Hynde, of Madingly, ancestor of Sir John Hynde Cotton.

Margaret Lucas Duchess of Newcastle; by Lely. She was sister of the first Lord Lucas, and wife to William Cavendish Duke of Newcastle. When the merits of a writer shall be decided upon in proportion to the quantity of his works, then will her Grace have pre-eminent title to a niche in the temple of fame; having produced no less than thirteen folio volumes of plays and poems. Obiit 1673.

Peter the Great; whole length, by Amecone. He is clothed in uniform, with large boots on; the Imperial mantle over his shoulder, and a truncheon in his hand. His countenance is intelligent, and bespeaks the legislator, philosopher, and hero.