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brother to John Earl of Bute. —Lady Charlotte Boyle, Marchioness of Hartington; she was sole heiress to Richard Earl of Burlington and wife of —William Marquis of Harrington; who succeeded his father as Duke of Devonshire, 1755. —Lady Henrietta Vernon, daughter of Earl Strafford, the ambassador, and wife of James Vernon, esq; ob. 1786. —John Duke of Marlborough. —John Marquis of Lorn. —Lord Cathcart.—Voltaire. —John Campbell. —Marquis of Rockingham. —Countess of Strafford. —Francis Earl of Dalkeith; married Caroline, eldest sister of Anne Countess of Strafford. Ob. 1750. —William second Earl of Strafford. —Dorothea late Duchess of Portland; sister to the present Duke of Devonshire, and wife to the present Duke of Portland; ob. 1794. —Lady Mary Coke, youngest sister to Anne Countess of Strafford, and wife of Edw. Viscount Coke. —Second Countess of Strafford. —Mary Duchess of Norfolk.

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Duke of Devonshire. It is rather a singular circumstance, that since the year 1618, when this title was conferred on the Cavendishes, it has uniformly been held by a William. —Lady Lucy Howard, wife of Sir G. Howard; Lady Henrietta Vernon; Lady Ann Connolly; three daughters of Thomas Earl of Strafford, the ambassador. —William