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Sir Richard Redman's tomb lies next, and exhibits the effigies of himself (a knight, and lord of Harewood-Castle) and his Lady Elizabeth, daughter of Sir William Aldburgh, of Harewood. They lived in the reign of Henry VI.

Sir William Ryther, knight , and Sybil his wife, repose beneath a third monument; the latter another daughter of Sir William Aldburgh. This is of the age of the former one.

Our attention was then directed to the tomb of Sir Richard Redman, knt. grandson of the above-named Sir Richard, and his Lady Elizabeth, daughter of Sir William Gascoigne, of Gawthorpe, knt.

Adjoining to this is the tomb of Sir John Neville, of Womersley, knight, who died in 1482, and left one daughter, the wife of the renowned Sir William Gascoigne.

A sixth ancient tomb contains the ashes of Sir Richard Franks, knt. of the manor of Harewood.

Attached to the wall is the tomb of Sir Thomas Denison, knight, who died one of the judges of the King's-Bench in 1765. The epitaph is said to have been written by the late Lord Mansfield, and pays a handsome complimentary tribute to the independence and undaunted respect for the laws, which his great predecessor Sir William Gascoygne exhibited.