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his bill; antique; standing on a beautiful three-faced altar—the first front representing a trophæum; the second, Victory offering a chaplet with one hand, and bearing an olive-branch in the other; the third represents her seated, supported by her shield, and a hasta pura in her right hand.—A small bronze antique, Mercury; extremely fine.—Lucilla; antique colossal bust; the hair disposed in singular and formal curls. She was the daughter of the Emperor Antoninus, and wife of Lucius Verus.—A Sleeping Hermaphrodite; modern, but exquisitely beautiful.—A young antique Bacchus.—A medallion of antique porphyry.

The stair-case, which is very elegant, afforded us two excellent reliefs—the triumph of Aurelian, and Brutus condemning his Son to death; an immense Sicilian jasper slab; two fine columns of curious marble; and a picture by Calebresi, Judith exposing the Head of Holofernes to the Jews. These, with two busts and a basso-relievo in the flower-garden lodge, finish the collection of antiques at Newby; which, it may be fairly said, is the most valuable and select of any in the kingdom of a similar extent, with the exception, perhaps, of Mr. Townley's superb museum.

On our arrival at Ripon, we visited its church, to pay a parting tribute to the memory of the late