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of Mary Queen of Scots with the Duke of Norfolk. His name afterwards appears in the commission for the trial of that unfortunate princess; and in the following year for that of Secretary Davison, accused of sending the warrant for Mary's execution, without the knowledge of Elizabeth; for which he was sentenced to imprisonment, and a fine of 10,000l. He was not less in the estimation of James I. who purchased his valuable collection of books, (after his decease) which formed the ground-work of the royal library. Ob.1609.

Ferdinand de Toledo Duke of Alba, whose life displays as many and as great military exploits as were ever atchieved by an individual commander; but the glory of which was totally eclipsed by. the rigour and cruelty which he practised upon those who were conquered by the Spanish forces. Of his savage temper some calculation may be formed, from his boast of having, during his command in the Low Countries, caused eighteen thousand persons to perish by the executioner. Ob.1582, æt. 74.

Jane Fitzallan, eldest daughter and co-heiress of Henry Earl of Arundel, wife of John Lord Lumley. She is deservedly celebrated as a learned lady by Ballard and Lord Orford, having translated many Latin and Greek authors.

James Duke of Monmouth.