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We challenged Death. He threw with weighted dice 398
We had forgotten you, or very nearly— 163
We laid him to rest with tenderness 380
We talked together in the days gone by 399
We who are left, how shall we look again 373
We willed it not. We have not lived in hate 146
What alters you, familiar lawn and tower 124
What do they matter, our headlong hates, when we take the toll of our Dead? 189
Whatever penman wrote or orator 90
What gods have met in battle to arouse 140
What high adventure, in what world afar 350
What legend of a star that fell


What of the faith and fire within us 131
What was it kept you so long, brave German submersible? 205
When battles were fought 133
Whence not unmoved I see the nations form 145
When consciousness came back, he found he lay 355
When England's King put English to the horn 96
When first I saw you in the curious street 303
When I come home, dear folk o' mine 425
When it is finished, Father, and we set 423
When the fire sinks in the grate, and night has bent 95
When the heroic deeds that mark our time 106
When the long grey lines came flooding upon Paris in the plain 220
When there is Peace our land no more 421
When you see millions of the mouthless dead 370
When wars are done 180
Who would remember me were I to die 307
Wingless Victory, whose shrine 346
With arrows on their quarters and with numbers on their hoofs 66
With folded hands beside the fire 407
Within the town of Buffalo 176
With proud thanksgiving, a mother for her children 368
Ye sleepers, who will sing you? 372
Yon poisonous clod 281
You fell; and on a distant field, shell-shatter'd 379
Your face was lifted to the golden sky 381
You seemed so young, to know 181
You who have seen across the star-decked skies 351

Printed in Great Britain by Butler & Tanner, Frome and London.