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The Aborigines of Victoria Dingbat.png

It is not possible for any one who has not lived for a long period with the natives to undertake any such task as that of writing a grammar of the native tongue. The number of dialects in Victoria alone would require careful investigation for many years before it would be practicable to give any trustworthy account of them; and it appeared to me that I would best serve the interests of philology by collecting information from gentlemen who have had the most favorable opportunities of making themselves acquainted with some of the dialects.

In addition to the native words and phrases which occur in other parts of this work, there are now given here the following papers, namely:—

  1. Language of the natives, by the Rev. John Bulmer, of Lake Tyers, Gippsland.
  2. Language of the natives, by the Rev. F. A. Hagenauer, of Lake Wellington, Gippsland.
  3. The dialect of the Brabrolong and neighbouring tribes, by A. W. Howitt, F.G.S., &c., &c.
  4. Language of the natives of Lake Hindmarsh, by the Rev. A. Hartmann.
  5. Language of the natives of Lake Hindmarsh, by the Rev. F. W. Spieseke.
  6. Words and sentences in the native language, by Charles Gray, Esq., Wickliffe.
  7. Some words of the native language of the Western tribes of Victoria, by N. Thornly, Esq.
  8. Sentences in the native language, written down by Mr. Joseph Shaw, Lake Condah.
  9. Vocabulary of the language spoken by the tribes inhabiting the country about the Rivers Crawford, Stokes, lower parts of the Wannon and Glenelg, compiled by the late C. J. Tyers, Esq., in 1842.
  10. Lists of words, English-Native, compiled by the Guardians of Aborigines in the Colony of Victoria.
  11. Declension of noun, use of possessive pronouns, &c., by the Rev. Mr. Hartmann, the Rev. Mr. Bulmer, the Rev. Mr. Hagenauer, and Mr. John Green.
  12. Vocabulary, remarks on the structure of the language, &c., by Mr. John Green, Coranderrk, Upper Yarra.