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A Letter to Sweden

The destinies of humanity will rise superior to those of all the nations. Nothing will be able to prevent the reforming of the bonds between the thought of the hostile nations. Whatever nation should stand aside would commit suicide. For by means of these bonds the tide of life is kept in motion.

But they have never been completely broken, even at the height of the war. The war has even had the sad advantage of grouping together throughout the universe the minds who reject national hatred. It has tempered their strength, it has welded their wills into a solid block. Those are mistaken who think that the ideals of a free human fraternity are at present stifled! They are but silent under the gag of military (and civil) dictation which reigns throughout Europe. But the gag will fall, and they will burst forth with explosive force. I am agonised by the sufferings of millions of innocent victims, sacrificed to-day on the field of battle, but I have no anxiety for the future unity of European society. It will be realised anew. The war of to-day is its baptism of blood.

R. R.

April 10, 1915.