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home just ten days before the time to elect men for the state legislature.

He was, as we know, a great favorite in the town. "Why not let the people use my name for representative?" he thought. "I shall lose nothing if I fail to be elected."

His many frends were pleased, and when the election day came, all the men in New Salem except three voted for "Abe." The rest of the district, however, favored another man more strongly, and Lincoln lost the election. What should he do now? He had no money and no work. Mr. Offut, who had been a true friend, had failed and given up his business.

"Shall I become a blacksmith or a lawyer?" thought Lincoln. His long, strong arms were well fitted for a blacksmith's trade. But then there was the bright, quick mind which must be kept busy.

"I will be a lawyer," Lincoln finally decided.

Yet he did not know enough to practice law. He must study a great deal before he could carry out his wish, but after much thinking he planned how to bring it about.

"I will keep a store," he said to himself. "There I will have enough spare time to study