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Fig. 1

Coarse-grained Specification. This is the responsibility of a qualified spokesman for the potential audience. Just who is qualified for this role depends on who is being trained for what. The spokesman may be a group of community representatives, or a ministry of agriculture, or a Peace Corps country director. For the Thai materials described in Appendix G, the principal spokesmen were two returned Peace Corps Volunteers, one of whom had spent two years in malaria control and one of whom had spent the same amount of time in leprosy work. In Appendix H, coarse-grained specification was provided by a director of area studies in a stateside training program. In Appendix I, it was provided by teachers, but by teachers who had had observed at first hand the way their students might need to use the language.

Coarse-grained specification answers questions in each of the three 'dimensions' of Chapter 3: